A Short History of Thorncliffe Bowling Club.

The 7th of May 1945 heralded the end of the Second World War. By December many of the men who had served in the forces were returning home and society was about to change in many ways.

Many ex-service men who had fought in the war worked at Newton Chambers and saw a change for the better. The hooters and buzzers stopped calling the men to start work and some time later the working week was cut by half a day when Saturday work was ended, giving more freedom to the workers.

Newton Chambers was a large firm encompassing an engineering works, foundry, mine, chemical works, paper factory and offices. They also had a large piece of land where children used to gather wild flowers and play their games such as hide and seek etc. It was in this area of land that, after the Second World War, the directors of Newton Chambers decided to create a sports area for their workforce.

Football pitches, tennis courts, a running track, a long jump, a netball court, a cricket field and two bowling greens were established in 1949. (The sand used for the base of the greens is said to have come from the Scarborough beach). The cricket and the crown green bowling especially became very popular with the men. Women were not allowed to play in those early years, they made the tea etc. One of the directors presented a small engraved cup to the bowling club and it is still one of the trophies played for today. The workers paid a few pennies out of their wages each week to help pay the upkeep of the sports ground. It was known as the T.S.R.A., (Thorncliffe Sports and Recreation Association).

In about 1990 Thorncliffe Bowling Club was one of the first clubs to allow women membership. They initially played with the men but quickly formed their own Ladies section with its own leagues and matches. The bowling club gave us the opportunity to make many good friends and we look forward to the matches, fun days and presentation evenings. We thank the foresight of the people of Newton Chambers who inspired our wonderful facility and hope that future generations continue to enjoy our sports facilities.